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The 'Be Inspired' series

Since 2010 the ESG Communications team has worked with UKTI - part of the UK Government - on a series of design-led booklets known as the 'Be Inspired' series.

The idea of the booklets is to capture amazing economic facts about the UK and present them in a fun, easy-to-read format. Thousands of copies of each booklet are then sent to British embassies across the world from Sydney to San Francisco, to help attract foreign investment.

We produced the first 'Be Inspired' booklet in 2010 and it proved so popular that second and then third re-prints were needed. Since then we've produced several more booklets in the series about the UK economy in general and on specific sectors including: the low-carbon industry, manufacturing, innovation, Olympics 2012 and the creative industries.

Some of the content has also been made into promotional films.

Read the Be Inspired: low carbon booklet, or watch the video online.