For more than ten years our talented team of writers has helped governments, businesses and other organisations produce memorable and inspiring documents.

Whether brochures or blogs, newsletters or newspaper articles, our writers will ensure your message comes across clearly and concisely.

Our secret is that we get our hands dirty. We don’t just think about the words on the page; we think strategically about the message, we’re creative about delivering it and we’re pro-active at finding the case studies, quotes and statistics that can bring a document to life.

We also try to be innovative, working closely with our designers to see where we can bring printed and digital material together and to look at the content through a designer’s eye as well as a writer’s one. We also work with SEO professionals to boost the clout of web copy when desired.

Some examples of our work include: the 'GREAT' Britain brochure for the UK government, the 'Report on Progress' for the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and the 'Be Inspired' series of booklets.

Michael Head, Senior Sector Manager at UK Trade & Investment said, “The content for our 2013 Action Plan, which ESG Communications produced, was perfectly judged and has been very well received. We’re delighted with the results.” 

An Executive at Aurum Funds who we wrote a speech for said, “The speech was outstanding - in subject matter, content, delivery and timing. The audience were rapt, which is no mean feat at the end of a dinner when they've all had a few drinks already and are gearing up to celebrate.